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SMART Technologies

SMART Technologies Inc. is a leading provider of technology solutions that enable inspired collaboration in schools and workplaces around the world by turning group work into a highly interactive, engaging and productive experience.

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Evoko are Swedish innovators dedicated to making meetings smoother, more cost efficient and stylish. Their first product, the multiple award-winning Evoko Room Manager, really proved their point. Design-driven innovation at its best.

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SMART MEdia Solutions

With its focus on function and refined design, SMS Smart Media Solutions has become one of the world’s leading suppliers of high-quality brackets, fixtures and enclosures for displays, projectors and other media units.

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ConXeasy is a British company, which strives to make their products simple to use, but provide great quality products designed to exceed your expectations and is led by a wealth of experience in audio product development..

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BalanceBox® height adjustable mount move your display with only a light touch and no electric connection needed!

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Interactive teaching resources for the classroom. Make fun activities that can be played on any device. Share your creations with your students and other teachers.

About us

Steljes Evropa is an innovative technology distributor that sources products from around the world, working with manufacturers to customise and bring their solutions to the Adriatics market through our specialised channel network. Our innovative solutions enable people to interact and communicate more effectively while working and learning. We have been sourcing products from around the world, introducing LCD panels, projectors, LED displays and interactive whiteboards to the Adriatics market. Steljes Evropa is a privately owned company and has helped companies such as SMART Technologies, Evoko, SMS, BenQ, ConXeasy, WordWall and other become market leaders in the Adriatics region. To take a closer look at our interactive technology and what it will bring to your business, get in touch with us today for a demonstration in one of our technology showrooms.

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